Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight is Now On The Hi-Fi Waves

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has, for years, been the leader in the firearms training industry. Gun training at Front Sight is something unlike anything anywhere else on the planet. Front Sight offers not only the standard handgun training and rifle training, but also shotgun training, submachine gun training and unarmed self defense training that rivals anything available at any other shooting schools and even rivals most boot camps and law enforcement academies. Every year, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students than all other shooting schools in America combined. Front Sight is the expert on all matters related to firearms and firearms training, so Front Sight founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, decided to take Front Sight to the television world.

'The Front Sight Challenge' airs Friday and Sunday afternoons on the 'Versus Network', formerly the Outdoor Life network. 'The Front Sight Challenge' pits normal citizens against law enforcement officers from all over Nevada and California. Featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the 'Challenge' finds professionals and civilians up against one another and themselves in a series of challenges ranging from home-intruder fantasies to target shooting.

While the publicity for the show is mostly good, some gun control advocates disapprove of the message of Front Sight – obviously. But people like those, like Kay Holmen, president of the California chapter of the Brady Campaign might as well be ignored. "This show is not reality, it's really just scary," said Holmen. "We need to draw a hard line between the glorification of gun use and the reality of the bloodshed caused by firearms."

Of course, in Holmen's viewpoint, the perfect world would be where all law-abiding citizens are restricted from owning any weapons or firearms; so that the only people who end up with them are the criminals, who then use their advantage to commit even more crimes.

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