Front Sight

Handgun Training for Your Birthday

Handgun training isn't the first activity people would think of for a birthday party, but out at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, it happens more than you would think.

Recently, Dr. Ignatius Piazza added a special bonus to some of his memberships that I call the "Front Sight Birthday Party." When you buy one of these Front Sight Memberships, you can have a birthday party at Front Sight for free! You can have up to forty people come to Front Sight for a four day handgun training, shotgun training or rifle training class. As long as at least 50% of your visitors haven't been to Front Sight before, the entire training is absolutely free! Go ahead and read it again. I sure had to.

If you had to pay for 40 people to come to a four-day handgun training class, it would cost $80,000, and the membership costs almost half that, so your first birthday party could completely reimburse your investment at Front Sight. You'll be getting the highest quality instruction staff, facilities and curriculum all for pennies on the dollar.

One man brought out thirty or so people to Front Sight for his birthday, some of which were law enforcement officers. Some of the law enforcement officers wanted to stick to their own training techniques (which is okay). And at the end of the fourth day, the participants do a competition that tests two students' speed and accuracy. Every law enforcement officer who stuck to their own techniques lost to participants who had never shot a gun before that weekend.

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