Front Sight

Rifle Training is Not the Only Thing That Sets Front Sight Apart

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the world's leader in not only rifle training, but also all other forms of gun training, which include shotgun, handgun and submachine gun. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, is a Four Weapons Combat Master, an illustrious, near-impossible, practically unheard of accreditation that far surpasses any other certification in the entire firearms training industry.

When his gun training facility, Front Sight, had gotten to a certain point of delivery, Dr. Piazza decided to show just what Front Sight can do. Dr. Piazza created 'The Front Sight Challenge', which pits civilians against law enforcement officers in a battle of firearms training skills. The civilians are men and women who have received a certain amount of gun training at Front Sight. Since Front Sight (and law enforcement training academies) offers not only rifle training, the 'Front Sight Challenge' also includes feats of handgun training, shotgun training, submachine gun training and general self defense training. The 'Front Sight Challenge' takes civilians who have no law enforcement or military background and tests their skills, abilities and reactions to those of men and women who serve every single day using the firearms training that they received at their academies.

The results are usually surprising, while the officers do a very good job, it's not at all rare to have the civilians surpass the officers. And even while the entire show is Dr. Piazza's way of showcasing the fact that the education that can be received at Front Sight is superior to law enforcement training and even military training at boot camps, the results are never swayed. There are far superior officers as well as superior civilians, so it's a great opportunity to see how the challenge goes down!

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