Front Sight

Shotgun Training for Home Defense

Shotgun training comes very highly recommended for home protection. Shotguns have a lot of pros in the area of home defense. They can be a bit awkward to walk around with, so I wouldn't recommend them for personal protection with a concealed carry permit (Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has an exceptional concealed carry training program).

I do recommend shotguns for home defense. First off, just the sound of cocking the shotgun can be enough to scare off intruders. Secondly, the bullets break into shrapnel of small pellets. This is good for two reasons: the pellets have a harder time going through walls and hitting someone else, and they have a wide spray which makes it easy to hit the target you are aiming at.

If you are going to buy a shotgun, be sure to get the proper shotgun training. If you are going to own a firearm, no matter what kind, you need to make sure you get completely trained on how to correctly and safely use it. Front Sight, founded by Ignatius Piazza, is the best place to go for shotgun training. If you are looking for second-rate firearms training, they are easy to find. But no one trains as many students as Front Sight does because they are the best.  If you are just looking for some weekend training, or if you want to become the best shooter on the planet, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the place to come.

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